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Terms and Conditions

Quote Validity: All estimates and quotations are valid for a period of thirty (30) days after the date of quote.

Calibration: Calibration is defined as a comparison of an unknown to a known. Calibration does not mean adjustment but can include adjustment. JJ Calibrations will compare the customer’s “unknown” unit to a JJ Calibrations “known” unit and determine if the unit is “in calibration”. We calibrate equipment to OEM tolerances and specs.

Adjustments: If JJ Calibrations finds a unit “In Tolerance”, adjustments are NOT performed. Adjustments are only made for “Out of Tolerance” conditions. There are times when adjustments are not possible due to the nature of the unit.

Calibration Pricing: JJ Calibrations reserves the right to change prices at any time and without prior notice. Our pricing may at times be based upon the accuracy of the information provided by our customers.

Payment Terms: Net 30 days. All past due invoices are subject to collection fees. 90 days past an invoice due date a customer's account is placed on hold. No new work can be started till the account is brought up to date. Any work brought in during a credit hold may be held until the account is brought current. Once current, all work will resume from that date. JJ Calibrations currently accepts;

  • Checks, 
  • Credit Card
  • ACH payments (if approved based on customer record). 

Turn Around Time: JJ Calibrations does not guarantee turnaround time. However JJ Calibrations considers turn around to be an important service metric. Our target is seven to 10 calendar days after the date of receipt of equipment on calibrations only. Reasons for calibration delays may include;

  • Lack of personnel (sickness, holidays, vacations, on-sites), 
  • Lack of equipment (out for calibration, down for repair, scheduled at an on-site), 
  • Waiting on technical literature either from the customer or manufacturer, 
  • The customer is on credit hold and we cannot receive their tools due to unpaid invoices.
  • Any other extenuating circumstances. 

Calibration may also be delayed due to the certificate requirements selected by the customer. Contact JJ to determine what current estimated turn time is.

Rush Service: RUSH service is available. This service requires a calibration fee increase of fifty percent (50%) over standard pricing and places the specific product requested into a “next on bench” status, which means the next available technician will work on that unit, unless pre-empted by other “RUSH” units ahead of it.

Certificate of Calibration: Standard at no charge. Unless otherwise specified by the customer in writing, it will be understood by JJ Calibrations that the customer wishes for the calibration interval of their instruments to be expressed on the Certificate of Calibration. We provide as found/as left data on all certificates. Accredited calibration certs include the as found/left data as well as the Measurement Uncertainty of each data point on certificate. We use Simple Acceptance per ILAC G8, including UUT in the budgets. If you need to request a different method please contact us for availability and price.

Accredited Calibration (to ISO 17025:2017): JJ Calibrations DOES NOT provide 17025 accredited certificates unless the client specifically requests. If an instrument is calibrated and returned to the customer and the customer later finds that the 17025 option was needed on their part, the customer is responsible for paying for the additional calibration.

Warranty: JJ provides a ninety (90) day warranty period on the calibration services performed. Warranties may also include repairs (i.e., if JJ Calibrations fixes a problem and an additional problem shows up that was not part of the original repair, it is not considered a valid warranty). Returned goods will be evaluated for validity. If the warranty is not valid, there will be a charge for a second calibration. Calibrations are not warranted. They are valid only at the time of calibration. If JJ Calibrations has made an error in procedure or our standard is out of calibration we will re-calibrate your instrument free of charge if returned within 30 calendar days of notification.

Special Requirements Pricing: Customers must call for pricing on special requirements such as Decision rules, signatures, Certificates of Conformance Compliance, other statements, data, etc..

M&TE Responsibility: JJ Calibrations assumes full responsibility for the care and protection of our customers’ equipment while in our possession. HOWEVER, JJ CALIBRATIONS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR;

  1. Precision dimensional M&TE submitted for service without a protective case, cover, or enclosure. 
  2. Damages due to defects in the tool or instrument, 
  3. Inherent quality challenges in a unit’s material or workmanship, or 
  4. Damage occurring during shipments to and from JJ. 

Repair Pricing: JJ Calibration requires written approval prior to commencement of any repair. If the customer decides not to have their unit repaired there will be a minimum evaluation charge of either the calibration fee or the current minimum evaluation fee, whichever is less, plus shipping, handling and insurance. Any Unit held for more than sixty (60) days without a written response from the customer will be returned without repair for our current minimum charge fee plus shipping, handling and insurance. Any unit unclaimed after ninety (90) days will be subject to storage fees and transfer of ownership to JJ Calibrations.

Cleaning of equipment: Minor cleaning: No charge if no disassembly of any kind is required. Major cleaning: Our current minimum cleaning fee will be assessed if any disassembly of any kind is required. JJ Calibrations technicians will track and record their time  based on JJ Calibrations current hourly rate, and this amount will be added to the JJ Calibrations invoice.

Manuals: JJ Calibrations attempts to have many manuals on hand. However, all service manuals are the customer’s responsibility. JJ Calibrations will acquire manuals at the customer’s request but the customer is responsible for the cost of acquisition.

On-Site Services

Local On-sites: within 40 miles of JJ Calibrations.

Long Distance On-sites: greater than 40 mile radius of JJ Calibrations.

Mileage (vehicle usage compensation is based on the current Federal Government rate).

Travel Time (technician compensation): Current hourly rate per hour per technician.

Rental Vehicle (if required): Actual cost.

Air Fare: Actual cost.

Per Diem (technician food and sundry reimbursement): Per Federal Government rates for customer location.

Estimates/final billing: Preliminary estimates must never be taken as firm fixed pricing. Final invoice will include actual costs for calibration services rendered, mileage, travel, lodging and per diem.

On-site fee in addition to calibration charges: current hourly rate

On-site Emergency Services: JJ Calibrations provides emergency on-site services at the rate of an additional fifty percent (50%) of the standard (quoted) cost. For all non-emergency on-sites JJ must be notified a minimum of two weeks in advance.